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December 12, 2010

When Should Termite Work Be Done? - Part 3

Sellers who have a presale inspection done just before listing their home for sale usually wait until the home sells to have the work done. Homes don't show at their best while work is in progress. Also, some buyers would prefer to take a monetary credit at closing for the termite repairs and complete the work themselves after closing.

The buyer's lender may require a notice of completion from the termite company indicating that the property is free of any active infestation or damage. If this is the case, the termite work can be done after a buyer for the home is found but before the sale closes.

The Closing: Homeowners are advised to have termite inspections completed every couple of years. Periodic repairs should be completed so that minor problems don't turn into major defects.

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  1. Termite Treatment should be done immediately upon finding them before they do any more damage. Repair the damage found weather or not you have a Buyer. Then when the Buyer's Termite Inspector shows up, he sees evidence of treatment & no damage. The Seller shows a diagram of the termite treatment & everyone is happy with no surprises. The Company that treated the house will recieve Annual Termite Inspection fees for usually 5 years.