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March 28, 2011

The Five Steps of Green Pest Management

Green Pest Management (GPM) is an integrated, multi-step approach that works on a different principle than the familiar chemically oriented pest control, which depends totally on the use of chemical applications that are sometimes toxic to people and their surroundings. GPM combines prevention and monitoring techniques with a prudent approach to pesticides (using products like Boracare) to render a more responsible, yet highly effective solution.

Over the next few postings I'll explain this 5-step approach.

Step 1. Inspection. This is a critical first step that, when performed correctly and with diligence, can get your GPM program on track. In this phase, your Pest Management Professional will assess your home's risk of infestation. The PMP will identify any existing pests and note cracks, crevices and other points of entry into your home. He will uncover potential food sources, the presence of water sources, and look for signs of existing pest activity. From this your PMP will develop a prevention plan that can drastically reduce your home’s susceptibility to invasion.

Step 2. Removal of food and harborage. In a chemically oriented approach to pest control, all other steps to discourage and control infestations are ignored in favor of introducing large amounts of pesticides into the environment. In an effective GPM program, however, pests are first discouraged by creating an environment unsuitable for them. This means removing food and water supply sources (including leaky pipes), compost sites, general yard debris, accessible pet food, garbage and other food sources.

Be sure to check back in a few days to learn about Steps 3-5!

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