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April 22, 2011

Termite FAQs - Part 3

Wood destroyed by termites
1. How are termites controlled? A pest control professional will come in and treat the problem so that you can live comfortably in your home.

2. What is the most effective type of termite treatment? The National Pest Management Association and the entire industry are committed to providing highly effective treatment options for all pest issues. The most effective type of treatment depends upon the severity of the infestation, the species of termite, and the location and construction of the home or building. A trained and licensed pest control professional can assess each infestation separately and recommend a rigorous treatment plan that will effectively control the termite population.

3. How difficult are termites to treat?
Termites are nearly impossible for homeowners to treat on their own. On the other hand, Dave's Pest Control has the training, expertise and technology to eliminate termite infestations.

If you're concerned that you have termites in your home or place of business, give Dave a call at 1-800-400-6009.

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Reference: www.pestworld.org

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