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September 24, 2011

About Bald-Faced Hornets

This atypically large black-and-white relative of the yellow jacket gets its common name from its largely black color but mostly white face. It is named a hornet because of its large size and aerial nest.

Bald-faced hornets are social insects, although not true hornets. They live in colonies that may contain between 100-400 members at their peak. They usually appear in late summer.

If you're concerned that you have hornets in your home or place of business, give Dave a call at 1-800-400-6009.

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Reference: www.pestworld.org

*Answers to Name That Bug (from 9/22/11 post)
1. Bald-Faced Hornet
2. Brown Recluse Spider
3. Deer Mouse
4. Silverfish

How good did you do? Let me know!

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