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May 28, 2012

When To Have A Termite Inspection

Home sellers are wise to order a termite inspection report before they market their home. Make sure to use a termite company that specializes in your area. Termite problems tend to vary from one area to the next, so you should rely on a pest control contractor who is an expert in your location.

Select a termite inspector the same way you would any contractor. Get referrals from people who have had termite work done. If you had your home inspected fairly recently consider using the same contractor, unless you had a bad experience.

In some states, termite inspectors don't contract to do repair work. In other states, most structural pest control companies do both the inspecting and the repair work. If you're using the same company to do the inspection and the work, be sure to talk to several people who had work done by the company.

Sellers who are not planning on selling immediately should consider having termite repairs completed before they market their home for sale. Sometimes completing the termite repairs in advance will have the added benefit of improving the home's appearance. The house will show better and you'll have a clean bill of health from the termite company to pass along to the buyers.

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