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November 18, 2010

Pest Threat Quiz - Part 2

Ready for Round 2? Test your Pest Threat knowledge! (Answers below)

QU. #1: Can bees eat wood?

QU. #2: Where do mosquitoes get West Nile Virus?

QU. #3: Can flies bite people?

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Reference: www.pestworld.org

ANSWER question #1: A special type of bee can dig tunnels in wood to make its home. The carpenter bee prefers wood that is at least two inches thick and relatively soft. Carpenter bee tunnels are perfectly round and usually have piles of wood dust underneath them.

ANSWER question #2: Mosquitoes get West Nile Virus from birds that have the infection. The reason that mosquitoes get most of the attention is that they are responsible for spreading the virus to people. There is no history of sick birds spreading the virus to humans.

ANSWER question #3: As flies do not have teeth or a stinger, they cannot bite people. They do have needle-like hooks that they can push into victims. This sometimes feels like a sting or a bite but no teeth or stingers are involved. These hooks help them to make food easier to eat but can also spread diseases. Flies have been known to spread tuberculosis, typhoid fever and diarrhea.

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